New Year’s Eve at 7:00PM?! YES PLEASE. 

31 Dec

Yo mamas (and papas)! Guess who just hit the lotto on how to do New Years Eve at 7, instead of waiting up till 9? THIS GUY.

Netflix FTW

I have not once let my now 3yo stay up for New Year’s Eve because, well because I can barely keep my eyes open myself and really need a little downtime sometimes. And also, because it’s late! And 3 year olds melt if they’re up too late! Couple that with getting to pop some non-alc bubbly and you’re talking sugar rush before bed. Not. Into. It.

But, he’s 3 (almost 4) and I’m starting to feel guilty about not letting him party like it’s 1999 2016. I mean, at what age is he going to be like, “you’re lame for never letting me understand New Year’s Eve”?

So, in my tired haze of returning from our holiday travels at midnight, with a baby who decided to rage until 3:30am (cuz, thanks for that), as soon as the baby went down for a nap, I popped my sleepy self onto the couch with Mr. 3yo and turned on Netflix… AND THEN I SAW IT!!!


Wait, WHAT?! We can do NYE any time we want?? NETFLIX SAVES THE DAY!!! (again, and again with these guys).

So, there you have it. Ring in the new year without having to disrupt your whole rhythm and still get to sit on the couch with your partner watching (dare I say) a whole movie before smooching it out at midnight… or 10:00pm. 😂

Happy New Years (EARLY)!!!

Reasons I Love the Subway… even in LA. 

5 Aug

My husband has been “summering” at a biglaw firm in Downtown LA. It’s been an amazing experience so far, one I don’t want to see end (though his last week is this week!). 

While he’s been getting to get some real and amazing experiences through his internship, we’ve been able to get to know a lot of the people through a series of sponsored events over the last couple of months. 

Besides the people being amazing, an old love of mine has come back; riding the subway. Traffic is LA is horrible, and having two cars in one location is just worse, so it’s just easier for me to meet him in DTLA without a car and go wherever we have to go, together. 

Public transportation in LA isn’t as easy as it is in NY or SF, and you don’t have the same subway culture in LA, like you do in NY, but there are still a few gems that I love, even if there’s no music playing, no rappers rapping, singers singing, dancers breaking or food being sold. Here’s why I love the subway, even in LA. 

  1. The environment. It gives the environment (and my car’s breaks) little break. 
  2. THE PEOPLE. The people!!!! There are some definitely crazy people on the train, but there’s also a lot of people from just every different walk of life, meeting for one common purpose; to get somewhere. 
  3. The lovers.These are different than most people, but every once in a while, like right this very minute, a couple in love are sharing a pole, googling in each others eyes. Who cares why they’re riding. They’re adorable and could care less that I’m sitting here writing anything, even something about them. 
  4. The time. I need a little time to check TF out and not have people clawing at me for juice boxes or to nurse. Sometimes a girl just needs to see strangers and not need to do or be anything to anyone else. 
  5. An element (teeny tiny element) of danger! You never know what’s going to happen when you’re not in control and somewhere strange, and though it’s not common, it keeps you on your toes. 
  6. Wonder. Don’t you ever just want to stare at people and wonder what their story is? Well, you can do that on the subway, cuz there’s not a lot of other places to look, besides the people you’re sharing immediate air with. 
  7. Reading!!! I get a whole hour to read or do whatever I want with almost ZERO interruptions. Ask me when that ever happens in normal life. 
  8. SOMEONE JUST ASKED ME IF I WENT TO HIS HIGH SCHOOL… He may be 20 and I’m 40. I can’t add any more to my list, because that just took the cake. 🎂

     An Open Letter to My 40th Birthday

    24 Jun

    Dear My 40th Birthday,

    When I was young and oh, so naive, I was afraid of you. I was so afraid of you in fact, that I used to say “I will ‘go out’ right before I turn 40. I mean, what’s left to live for? I don’t want to get old and 40… 40 is just young enough to not be old, but any longer than that, and it’s all down hill.”

    Yes, I said those words. Over, and over, and over again.

    Now, you and I are joining hands together in just a few days time. I will meet you, My 40th Birthday, and instead of being afraid of you, I will welcome you with very open arms.

    You see, every year has brought me more and more of what I wanted in my early life, while I was still dumb and afraid of you. I spent my 20’s looking for love and career and being broken by failed promises. I figured out my career and met my husband shortly before I turned 30, got married at 35, started our family at 36 1/2 and completed our family at 39. Sure, I have more wrinkles and more financial obligations. Sure, it will never be practical for me to make leather journals and aspire to sell them like a true Gypsy in farmer’s markets just to earn enough money to sleep in someone’s spare room. Sure, I don’t crash diet every other week, and I’ve got lots of extra padding now. But, those wrinkles are from 40 years worth of memories; laughing with my husband and kids and squinting in the sun. My more practical job has earned me the ability to have a nice house of my own and care for my family financially. My padding? It’s proof that I’ve held 4 babies in my body and 2 babies in my arms, and that I’ve been able to sustain those babies in good health for their first years of life.

    I no longer want to “end it all by 40”, I want to start it all more intensely. I want to be able to handle more and accomplish more and be present more and provide more and enjoy more.

    My 40th Birthday, you are just the beginning of my life. I welcome you.

    Love always (or for the next 10 years anyway),

    Stephanie ❤

    3 Times it’s OK to Gossip First.

    9 May

    We all know it’s not ok to gossip about someone else, especially when meant with the purpose of hurting them. But, what about the instances when it’s actually better to gossip first, which might actually save someone from being hurt?

    Here are 3 times is MORE than ok, in fact, it’s ADVISED to gossip first.

    1.  If you are thinking about starting a sentence with “I don’t want to offend you, but…” and planning to follow it up with “are you expecting again?” maybe just do your due diligence and GOSSIP FIRST. Ask someone else! Go ahead! Ask other people, if your co-worker who is a mother of a 10 month old and still breastfeeding, is pregnant again, BEFORE you ask her yourself. I promise you, it will save her from feeling that the world sees her as large as she sees herself.
    2. If someone is looking a little pudgy and you’re really hopeful they’re pregnant. GOSSIP FIRST. Chances are, someone will know and even if they do know and don’t tell you the truth, it’s better to ask around, before you ask the person directly. Because #donuts are a thing too, and not all pudgy tummies are carrying an extra set of arms and legs.
    3. Just don’t ask anyone if they’re pregnant ever. Because, if you do, you’re basically just saying “hey fatty, what’s good!”

    Ok, I failed. There aren’t 3 times it’s ok to gossip first. There’s one and only one.

    Do not ask someone if they’re pregnant. Ever. If someone IS pregnant, you shouldn’t have to ask. If they’re really pregnant, you would know the answer without asking. If they are pregnant and you don’t know about it, it means it’s not time for you to know! Please, for the love… DO NOT ASK anyone if they’re pregnant. Unless, of course, you like hurting people’s feelings.

    PS. If you absolutely have to start a sentence with “I don’t want to offend you, but…” just be forewarned. You will offend them.

    Disclaimer: The person who asked this question was not intending to hurt anyone’s feelings, but even a well intended question of this type, can still be hurtful. You never know how someone feels or sees them self and pointing out flaws can only intensify and already sensitive situation. Lesson here? Be kind and be thoughtful. Questions without forethought can be dangerous. Xoxo

    Follow Up on Joanna

    12 Apr


    A while back, I wrote about a dear friend of mine who was struck with pancreatic cancer.

    Unfortunately, she lost her battle a little over a week ago.

    I don’t know what really to say about this one, other than that this girl was all fight, and all beauty in her fight. I’ve never seen someone so at peace with their situation, and so lovely through the pain. She was a beautiful person, inside and out and she’ll be missed terribly by so many.

    Her family members are not strangers to cancer. Both her mom and dad also have fought their own battles, but have succeeded in their fight.

    They’ve sacrificed everything for their girl. Even their home.

    This is a ‘better late than never’ post, being that they’ve already reached their funeral goals (funeral already has passed), but I would love to extend the opportunity to, once again, help the Sadaka’s as they begin to move forward from this tragic loss.

    Joanna, wherever you are, I know you’re resting peacefully now. The pain is gone. The hurt is behind you. I hope you have that flower crown on your beautiful mane of hair, and that you’re dancing joyfully, laughing as loudly as you possibly can, as often as you possibly can. Thank you for always caring about me, even while you were suffering through your own hell. We all love you. You will be missed forever.

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