Reasons I Love the Subway… even in LA. 

5 Aug

My husband has been “summering” at a biglaw firm in Downtown LA. It’s been an amazing experience so far, one I don’t want to see end (though his last week is this week!). 

While he’s been getting to get some real and amazing experiences through his internship, we’ve been able to get to know a lot of the people through a series of sponsored events over the last couple of months. 

Besides the people being amazing, an old love of mine has come back; riding the subway. Traffic is LA is horrible, and having two cars in one location is just worse, so it’s just easier for me to meet him in DTLA without a car and go wherever we have to go, together. 

Public transportation in LA isn’t as easy as it is in NY or SF, and you don’t have the same subway culture in LA, like you do in NY, but there are still a few gems that I love, even if there’s no music playing, no rappers rapping, singers singing, dancers breaking or food being sold. Here’s why I love the subway, even in LA. 

  1. The environment. It gives the environment (and my car’s breaks) little break. 
  2. THE PEOPLE. The people!!!! There are some definitely crazy people on the train, but there’s also a lot of people from just every different walk of life, meeting for one common purpose; to get somewhere. 
  3. The lovers.These are different than most people, but every once in a while, like right this very minute, a couple in love are sharing a pole, googling in each others eyes. Who cares why they’re riding. They’re adorable and could care less that I’m sitting here writing anything, even something about them. 
  4. The time. I need a little time to check TF out and not have people clawing at me for juice boxes or to nurse. Sometimes a girl just needs to see strangers and not need to do or be anything to anyone else. 
  5. An element (teeny tiny element) of danger! You never know what’s going to happen when you’re not in control and somewhere strange, and though it’s not common, it keeps you on your toes. 
  6. Wonder. Don’t you ever just want to stare at people and wonder what their story is? Well, you can do that on the subway, cuz there’s not a lot of other places to look, besides the people you’re sharing immediate air with. 
  7. Reading!!! I get a whole hour to read or do whatever I want with almost ZERO interruptions. Ask me when that ever happens in normal life. 
  8. SOMEONE JUST ASKED ME IF I WENT TO HIS HIGH SCHOOL… He may be 20 and I’m 40. I can’t add any more to my list, because that just took the cake. 🎂

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