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2012 Is Keeping Me On My Toes

12 Jun

When I first started the interview process to get back to California from Arkansas, I met with a lot of different companies. 10, actually. Of them, I was offered 2 jobs; 1 in Austin, TX and 1 in Hollywood, CA. I took the job in Hollywood and came back home after 17 months of being away from my husband, family, and friends.

Just about 2 months into my new relationship with the new job, I started to see a few things in the company that concerned me. About a week later, one of the companies I liked best, called me with a new opportunity. Now, I’ve never been the kind to “jump ship” prematurely, or at all, but this time around, I did.

For some reason, one I couldn’t really explain, it just made sense.

The day after I put my notice in, the SVP of our department was let go, and within the next few days, several more were laid off as well for financial reasons. My job was safe, but regardless, it gave me confidence to know that I had made the right decision to pursue the other opportunity. Grant and I went with our gut, and it turns out that our gut was right.

As hard as it was to leave the friends that I made at Cimarron (and quite possibly the best boss I’ve ever had), I had to make a decision for the long term and I’m now working for Dailey on the Honda Powersports account, as a Digital Producer… per usual.

It just goes to show you that you may never know how or why things happen, but you should always be open to letting life give you little gifts here and there. I came home for one thing, but was handed another, and so the story goes…


Leave Work at 5:30? (WATCH!)

11 Apr

I just happened upon this, while on Mashable. It’s pretty impressive that this woman is willing to stand publicly and say she’s leaving work, but then again, when did things get so competitive and so relentless that leaving work at the close of business was something we had to fight for or be ashamed of, anyway?

Work/life balance is an important part of being a professional. It’s an important part of being human. With the demands on people to impress, over-achieve and over-index on the success-o-meter, having a family (or even a life) outside of work, get more and more complicated.

Balance is healthy. Being able to achieve greatness professionally, while maintaining a successful personal life (especially when children are involved) may be hard to do, but in my opinion, it should never be looked down on.

That said, this is a pretty cool video from Facebook’s COO… too bad the embed code’s not functioning correctly… maybe someone left work on time to be with their kids though, so click the link and don’t be lazy.

QR Code Video – “QReo”

27 Sep

Apparently, QR codes work, even when made out of Oreo Cookies?

This is pretty cool and def a good viral ad for the smarts behind the cookies.

QReo from redpepper on Vimeo.

Great Rich Media Ad

27 Sep

Every once in a while, I find a really great ad that I actually pay attention to. Granted, I work in advertising, so I have to look at ads all the time, but when I’m exploring the web, I typically find that “close” or “x” button faster than lightning and can pretty much guarantee that I’ll boycot products based exclusively on how badly the ads annoy me. Yes, I’m being honest, but here’s an ad you all should pay attention to… and no, it’s not one of mine. 🙂

Thanks to Ryan Hughes for sending this one over.


Pringles USO Documentary by S&SX

6 Jul
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