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New Year’s Eve at 7:00PM?! YES PLEASE. 

31 Dec

Yo mamas (and papas)! Guess who just hit the lotto on how to do New Years Eve at 7, instead of waiting up till 9? THIS GUY.

Netflix FTW

I have not once let my now 3yo stay up for New Year’s Eve because, well because I can barely keep my eyes open myself and really need a little downtime sometimes. And also, because it’s late! And 3 year olds melt if they’re up too late! Couple that with getting to pop some non-alc bubbly and you’re talking sugar rush before bed. Not. Into. It.

But, he’s 3 (almost 4) and I’m starting to feel guilty about not letting him party like it’s 1999 2016. I mean, at what age is he going to be like, “you’re lame for never letting me understand New Year’s Eve”?

So, in my tired haze of returning from our holiday travels at midnight, with a baby who decided to rage until 3:30am (cuz, thanks for that), as soon as the baby went down for a nap, I popped my sleepy self onto the couch with Mr. 3yo and turned on Netflix… AND THEN I SAW IT!!!


Wait, WHAT?! We can do NYE any time we want?? NETFLIX SAVES THE DAY!!! (again, and again with these guys).

So, there you have it. Ring in the new year without having to disrupt your whole rhythm and still get to sit on the couch with your partner watching (dare I say) a whole movie before smooching it out at midnight… or 10:00pm. 😂

Happy New Years (EARLY)!!!


REVIEW: One Last Hug… Bring Tissues

25 Aug
One Last Hug... and Three Smooches

One Last Hug (…and a few smooches)

With tonight being Emmy night, and because I work at the PDC where the post Emmy party-of-all-parties is set to go off, I thought I’d get into HBO-Go’s Emmy Nom category of watchable things over the weekend, and my best choice landed me 10lbs lighter thanks to water elimination by tear ducts.


One Last Hug had me ugly crying less than ONE minute into the 35 minutes of film.

Kids + parents dying + grief camp = SADDEST THING EVER. Of course, there were a few happy moments of resolve at the end, but from start to almost finish was a tear-fest in between.

On a very serious note, however, I’m in love with Camp Erin. Talk about life-changing, honorable and amazing work. The people of Camp Erin all have a special seat reserved for them in the sky for the work they do to help these kid’s grow and thrive amidst the heaviest challenges of their little lives. Kids who’ve lost parents to cancer, suicide and murder (!!!) are all unified through their grieving experience, being encouraged to share their hurt with other kids their own age. Through the comfort of knowing they’re not alone, they find healing and a way to move forward from their individual tragedies, with forgiveness, acceptance and the camaraderie of other kids in their same age group, enduring the same unfair situations.

Camp Erin, created and funded by The Moyer Foundation, is the largest nationwide network of free bereavement camps for children and teens ages 6-17 who have experienced the death of someone close to them.

A truly brilliant film, this exposure to the healing available to kids suffering from loss, was both enlightening, endearing, and heart wrenching. It made me want to give them all of my money, time and resources. It also educated me on the process of grief for children. And, as a mama, I would want this experience for my own child, should something ever happened to me (or my husband). The thought of a young mind in the process of being shaped by their experiences, having to deal with this type of tragedy before they’re even able to understand the word “death” is crippling, but Camp Erin gives them hope.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who’s looking for something to have their heart moved by. Then, do something to help keep this organization alive and thriving, so kids for years to come can have the same opportunity to have a bright future, regardless of their unfortunate and dark past.

Donate to Camp Erin.

Watch the Camp Erin trailer.

Get involved with Camp Erin.

Stop #Kony NOW (WATCH!)

7 Mar

Please watch this video in it’s entirety. It’s a little lengthy, so you may want to wait until after work tonight, but it’s SO extremely important.

I’m passionate about many things, yes, but life and freedom to live, is more important to me than anything else on earth. For many of us, we adore the things that our lives are filled with – music, movies, family time, etc.- but for some, life itself is something they run from, in fear, every day. For many, life is filled with so much pain and fear, that it seems pointless to want to live another day with the only future they can understand.

Please take 29:59 minutes out of your day and your comfortable life, to watch this. Then, take 2 minutes to see how you can help stop this man, Kony, bringing peace, safety and hope for a chance at life, to these children.


Lana Del Rey “Hunger Games” Comedic Parody (WATCH!)

10 Feb

Everyone already knows how obsessed I am with the Hunger Games trilogy and some people even know my thoughts on Lana Del Rey, but this video is a perfect marriage of the two. You take the great books of the Hunger Games, put it to the terrible song “Video Games” by LDR and suddenly, you have a song I LOVE!

Good Documentary Recommendations

17 Apr

This weekend has been crazy, but mostly because it’s been so productive.

Yesterday, I worked at the “Touch-A-Truck” event in Rogers, promoting our NWA Mini Grand Prix, which is coming up in May. After a long day of lifting kids in and out of our Grand Prix car, my face and neck were sunburned, and Holly (friend and fellow CARE Board member) and I were wiped out and ready to relax.

From the moment I finally got home, my weekend relaxation consisted of documentaries and cutting paper for the wedding invitations.

Today, I got through THREE documentaries, while printing, cutting and sizing my pretty paper.

The first was called The Human Experience. It was about a couple of brothers who traveled the world in search of answering questions about the human condition; “Who am I? Who is man? Why do we search for meaning?” They traveled from NY, where they gave up all of their belongings and lived as homeless men for several weeks, to Peru, where they worked with disabled kids, to Africa, where they befriended the abandoned lepers in the forests of Ghana. What the young men discover changes them forever. Through one on one interviews and real life encounters, the brothers are awakened to the beauty of the human person and the resilience of the human spirit.

As if that weren’t heavy on it’s own, I immediately proceeded to God Grew Tired of Us, a heart wrenching documentary about Sudan’s “Lost Boys” who escaped Sudan in search of life outside of torture, sterilization and imminent death. The film goes through the history of violence in Sudan and the challenge thousands of boys and girls faced to get away from the killing zones and into safer territory. They left their families and homes, to seek safety and found new families in each other. Several years back, the US passed legislation to bring some of the boys (now men) to the US and gave them the tools they needed to fit into society, build a life hear and make money that they could use to send back home, if they so chose. The film documents their first experiences with indoor plumbing, refrigeration, mattresses, apartments, cars, cities… politics. The end of the film culminated around reunions between a son (now a US citizen) and his mother in an airport in Philadelphia. My heart ached in the best possible way, as the boy who left his mom at 13, saw thousands of kids die during their journey to safety, and made himself a name in America, saw his mother in the airport. I highly recommend this one too, as it challenges perception, faith, and necessity of convenience, while shedding light (once again) on how spoiled we are as Americans, at the cost of true happiness.

Lastly, I watched Food INC – A brilliant documentary on the farming situation in the US. The film exploits the “farms” and the politics that run the farms, along with the lack of quality that goes into everything we eat. I urge everyone who has a mild interest in organic foods and wanting to put only good foods into their bodies, to watch this film ASAP. We can all make a difference, we just have to try. This film in particular, arose several questions in my own mind as well as an absolute confirmation that organic and local are the way we should eat. I could write about this one for pages, but let’s just say, it’s worth every minute… just don’t watch it while eating.

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