My Nu (tribullet) Obsession. 

29 Mar

I love smoothies. I always have, but pregnant me has an obsessive problem with them. Thankfully, my 2 year old loves them too and my husband tolerates them enough to make me happy by drinking them when I make him one (even though I’ve caught him “hiding them” and saying he drank the whole thing).

Until this point, I’ve been making them with a hand-held immersion blender. Classy, huh?

A blender was just not one of the things that was super important to me around wedding registry time, so I always bought the cheap-o ones from Target and used them until they broke…. Or couldn’t blend ice anymore.

A few weeks ago we went to Costco to buy a new rug for our son’s room. We never have time for that sort of thing, so when we got there and realized that the rug wouldn’t fit in our car with passengers, we decided that we needed a blender instead. I’ve been asking for one for a long time now, but again, it’s just not the kind of thing I wanted to spend money on, being that the immersion blender works well enough.

When we got home from Costco, Remy was insistent on an afternoon “moothie machine”, so naturally, we obliged.

Oh my. It was amazing. Typically my chia seeds are just a super crunchy additive to our smoothies because an immersion blender isn’t strong enough to cut them up, but this guy is!!!

Over the past week, we’ve been at my in-law’s house, without our Nutribullet. However, they have a super fancy Vitamix. You may think I’m insane, because I’ve literally dreamt about buying a Vitaxmix, but I prefer my Nutribullet!!!

1. For one thing, the NB is WAY cheaper, so if anything happens to it (#toddlerlife and clumsy pregnant lady), it’s much cheaper to buy parts for or replace.


3. My crazy toddler can carry the basin around and help me make his “moothies” without fear of it being too heavy or breaking.

4. It takes so little room on my already cramped counter tops. I just put the base between my slow cooker and stand mixer, and you can’t even see it. I also keep the “cups” in the cupboard right above it, next to the protein powder and Vitamineral Greens, for easy access.

5. It’s so easy to wash!!!!  Like, SO easy to wash, I actually do it and don’t leave it “to soak”… Cuz we all know that’s code for “doing it later”.

6. It makes just enough for the 3 of us in the big size cup, but if I want something different than the boys, there are other cups size options I can use for myself too.

7. The “sippy cup” tops! If I’m running late and am the only one who wants a smoothie (this has yet to be the case, but at least I’m prepared), I can toss a to-go cup lid on it and take it in my car or to my office. Adult sized sippy cups for me, please!

8. I don’t need to make soup in a blender. If I need to blend a soup, I have an immersion blender for that. Ask my father-in-law to share how many times they’ve used the Viamix for making actual soup (Papa, please share that number in the comments!). I’d probably use it that many times too.

So there. I’m so happily content with my $75 purchase and am happily advertising their product (on my own, no sponsorships required!) to help you figure out what to spend your $500 on that’s not a blender. You know, spend money on one of these, or one of these, or one of these.

Here’s a favorite recipe of ours:

  1. Jarro’s Greek Yogurtien protein powder
  2. 1 Banana
  3. A handful of frozen strawberries
  4. A handful of frozen blueberries
  5. Vitamineral Greens powder (or fresh spinach leaves)
  6. Elderberry syrup
  7. Chia seeds
  8. Almond milk to the “MAX line”

Just put the lighter weight stuff in first, colder/heavier items on top, screw the blender cap on, flip upside down and plop it on the base for a minute or so!

You can also add whole fat Greek yogurt to the smoothie, or a scoop of probiotic powder, if you need more fat or probios for any reason.



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