Crazy Hollywood Shooting.

10 Dec

Not only is this story insane, the “40 year old man in the silver Mercedes” is my old band’s manager, John Atterberry. This video is hard to watch, but there is comfort in the fact that people tried to help. John will likely be ok, but is still in critical condition.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes it takes tragedy (or near tragedy) to remind people of what’s really important in life. You never know when something could happen to someone you care about. Don’t take your friends and family for granted. Make sure everyone knows how important they are to you.

Police are now saying that the shooter (now dead) had no real motive, other than that he and his girlfriend had recently broken up and he was hurting. No matter how badly your heart hurts over a breakup, it’s never hurt so much that it should lead to shooting anyone, much less perfect strangers. I wonder what could have been going through this guy’s mind, as he essentially ended his own life.

Click to see video.


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