5 Months & 29 Days!

12 May

I should have posted yesterday, when I could have said, “It’s 6 months away!”, but I didn’t, so oh well. I can’t believe how much time has flown by and how close we are to the big day already… and to our fabulous vacation the the US Virgin Islands (thank you, Arnow family!).

Everything is moving along pretty nicely now. I think we’re pretty close to having our vendors locked down and I can’t wait to officially promote the final people who are going to help us make our day spectacular. We’ve met some tremendously talented people along the way and feel so blessed by all of our friends who are helping us out, I can’t even describe it other than by saying how deeply grateful I am to all of you.

For example, check out this video from Max and Molly. They’re a great (and newly wed) couple that I was introduced to by Max’s sister Vanessa (whom I met on the plane ride home to surprise Grant for his bday). They are brilliant at catching moments on moving film and matching it to the perfect soundtrack.

Anjuli and Sam from max and molly on Vimeo.


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