Work Stuff

As a child, no one would have guessed that I’d end up in business, let alone in technology. My world was colorful and bright, full of personality and freedom of expression. That translated into my adult life, where I pursued music for a long time. From high school graduation through college graduation, 14 years that passed, however, it was not for lack of interest in education. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I left music as a career, and decided to pursue education and stability. Since then, I’ve learned to use my creative and buoyant personality to assist my career development. I explain this for 2 reasons; 1. This is my blog and I’m allowed to do whatever I want, and 2; My work is very important to me, and it gives me the freedom to use that colorful and buoyant personality previously mentioned, in a professionally satisfying way. I completed my college degree while working full time and in the busiest season of my career. Working 70+ hours a week, while going to school, has given me an appreciation for education greater than I would have been able to achieve had I been traditional and graduated at 22.

I love that working in the digital space gives me the ability to be social and creative, while exercising discipline and analysis.

That said, I still do other stuff as well, like, voiceovers, background singing, and makeup, all for a fair price. If you’re interested in any other those things, feel free to contact me!


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