Black Friday

29 Nov

Today, I experienced yet another first; Black Friday. For as long as I can remember, this daunting day has lived in other people’s worlds, but has been completely feared and ignored by me. The fact that people rage in effort to save a little money has dumbfounded me. The horror stories on the news have scared the bageezuz out of me so badly, that I not only don’t shop on this day, I don’t leave the house.

Until today.

A few months ago, a sales person at Joann Fabrics told me that Black Friday was boring and empty for them. Of course I was convinced that she was lying to everyone to drive traffic to her store. “Tell them it’s empty, then they’ll all show up and fight over flannel!” Or so I created the situation to be in my head.

I couldn’t shake her words though, “it’s boring. People would rather be buying electronics than fabrics.”

Not me.

As a new quilter and a baby blanket maker, I couldn’t help but fantasize about getting a great deal on fabric, but why oh why would I ever leave the house. And then I saw the add; 75% off of all flannels and 25% off your whole order. That was appealing! I contemplated more and more… And more. 75% off could really be fun.

So, I teased myself with the idea of waking up at 5:30AM and getting there before anyone else, for weeks and weeks and finally the day came. Grant had to work, so I had no babysitter. Hmmmm. I waited until Remy woke up, and called the shop to see how bad the crowd was and the associate said it was EMPTY!! Could it be true???

I changed a diaper, grabbed a beanie for the baby and one for myself, and off we went! It was EMPTY!! There were 10 other people besides us there and it was less busy than any other time I’ve been fabric shopping! So great!

And, I save $384. What.

Not only did I save money and buy a years worth of fabric, I got to experience an adventure with my son that got me out if my comfort zone. He was, of course, his typical charming self and wooed all the ladies in the store. Today I created a new tradition; go to the one place no one else cares about and you will have success.




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