4 Aug

Ok, so I wasn’t ready for snow storms and I wasn’t ready for the heat coupled with humidity, but if there’s one thing I REALLY wasn’t ready for, it’s the bugs. Especially the flying ones. Apparently, Arkansas (maybe all of the South) are known for the different types of creepy-crawlies that the humid heat brings, but this is just unreal.

There are 2 “gangs” of bugs that stick out the most to me. Maybe, 3.

Besides all of the “regular” offenders, we have 2 bugs (maybe 3 – or 300) I’ve never seen before.

First off, there are bugs that i like to call “pop corn bugs” or “siren beetles” because they live in the grass or trees, but pop up and fly about 10 feet in the air, and smack back down into the ground These same bugs also make an incredibly loud siren like noise that you can hear through the phone, because they’re so very loud. This morning, I had one fly smack down into my forehead. They’re called “Cicadas” and they gross me out.

The second one is called a “Black Saddlebag Skimmer” and they pretty much look like humping dragon flies, but they fly in circles and packs, like dogs. They also like to chill by the dog potty stations, which means I have to dodge them every time I walk my pups.


All in all, I don’t like bugs. At all.


One Response to “Bugs.”

  1. Stephanie Nichols August 18, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    Cicada’s were HORRIBLE this year! But thankfully, they don’t really bad every year…. I think its like every 19 years or so there is a huge outbreak of them and they are very very very annoying….

    But yes..thats the South for ya! Been here all my life and I STILL do not like the bugs….

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