Getting Ready for the Storm.

24 May

Packing List: 1. Dog Crate; 2. 3 days worth of dog food; 3. Dog toys; 4. Dog treats; 5. 6 protein bars; 6. 3 cans of beans; 7. Can opener (because who really thinks to have one of these, in a storm?); 8. Computer charger; 9. iPod; 10. Book (Catching Fire… for inspiration) 11. Knife (in case I have to fight for my food at some point).

Things hiding in the closet: Wedding invitations, flashlight and more beans

Things to grab upon imminent danger: Dogs, sweatshirt, dog stuff and backpack

Household adjustments: Fixed the lights in the closet (where I’ll be hiding if it hits- Thanks Trotter for helping! I was too short to reach, even on a chair); Moved the dog gates and everything else that could block the front door; Keeping my tennis shoes ON (inside the house, which is weird), just in case I have to run… or walk on glass.

Special precautions: Emailed Grant, my mom, his parents, my sister Em and Chrissy all of my AR contacts in case of emergency. I also texted Grant’s number to specific people here as well… Just in case.

Last meal: Bulgogi with baby bock choy and a nice dose of Kimchi… probably the wrong thing to eat if I’m going to be in close quarters with strangers, but oh well. It’s making me happy.

Why? Today was just like any other day, until about 3PM when our Managing Director sent a pretty intense email from the city about an upcoming tornado. On the wake of the Joplin tornado, everyone is a little on edge, but what’s coming is said to be the worst system this area has ever seen. I feel fine about it, which is weird, because I freaked in the snow, but am fine in the tornado. Huh?

I am more concerned that my pups will freak out over the lightning, or that I’ll forget something… LIKE BATTERIES… which I just realized I need to take care of in case the power goes out.


One Response to “Getting Ready for the Storm.”

  1. stephanie nichols June 14, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    Being from the area of Alabama that the tornado’s ravaged in April.. I completely understand the concern.
    The day of the storms., I had my kids in the bathtub, wearing bike helmets, and the baby in the infant carrier. We were all terrified. I could see the twisting clouds from my window in my living room/foyer.. It was over behind my neighrbors house, but at a distance. You could see the lightning striking in circles in the twisting clouds. It hit about a 1/2 mile from us and completely flattened that area.. We were so lucky.
    This year, has been the worst (weather wise) from the crazy snow storms, to the very active tornadic weather, to having 100 degree temps in may..and beginning of June..

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