The CARE Initiative’s Annual Mini Grand Prix

14 May

Last night was the Prix Party for the CARE Initiatives annual NW Arkansas Mini Grand Prix. We managed to raise thousands and thousands of dollars at the silent and live auctions, held at the Arvest Ballpark. So many fantastic people contributed items, vacation rentals, food, music and time to make this event spectacular.

This photo is of my dear friend Mauriahh. Mauriahh was trying to “up the bucks” on the raffle items, by walking around adding $5 to the previous bidder’s amount during the silent auction. She “won” 8 gifts and made quite the donation to the CARE Initiative. Mauriahh, the kids in NWA appreciate you. 🙂

Today, we followed up the Prix Party with the Mini Grand Prix race! It was a great community event at which I had the honor of being a face painter.

I met lots of cool kids who wanted me to paint their faces with puppies, tigers, super-heros, butterflies and more. I even had one little boy who sat down and said, “Can you paint my face like Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader, with a green light-saber and a cape?”. The answer? “No, not really. Settle for a super-hero mask?” His response? “Um, yeah, but he has to have a green cape.”

Here are some kids I really had a fun time with.


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