Years Pass Too Quickly

21 Apr

Yesterday, while on Twitter, I saw that someone i follow had posted something about their lunch date and how great it was and how genius that person is. Turns out, it was someone else I knew, from several years ago. I thought about responding like, “I haven’t seen that guy since he and his GF (at the time) got engaged! How is he?” and then I thought about it. It’s been a long time since I’d seen them and I thought I saw something recently about her being pregnant in a magazine, bit no mention of him on the cover…

When it doubt, Google it.

Come to find out, these two people, whom I adored, had been divorced for 4 years after 2 years of marriage. That meant that it had been 6 YEARS since I’d seen either of them.

How was that possible?

What’s even weirder is that I thought to check their marital status before making an assumptive guess that they would “still” be married.

Isn’t it odd that people can get married as often as they want and that we assume that not everyone would stay married forever?

I remember the day they got engaged! They were so happy and googly-eyed. It was a spontaneous engagement while driving in LA, and he was just so excited to pop the question he blurted it out at a stop light. He didn’t even have the ring, but he knew what he wanted and went for it. She said yes, but that he needed to give her a token of his affection, not caring what it was. The only thing in his car was a high-lighter pen, so that’s what she carried until they bought a ring.

I loved their story. Simple, sweet and carefree. I’m sad that they didn’t last forever, but it helps me see even more clearly why I’m marrying Grant. It’s not about the “feeling” of love (though as madly in love with him as I am, I still have that too), it’s about knowing that he’ll be there no matter what. It’s about knowing that the commitment I’ve seen in his life towards his dreams also apply to me and us. It’s about knowing with confidence that if I lost my arms and legs, he’d be there, and when I screw up, he’d forgive me and fight to keep us together.

He’s my gem. He’s my forever. I don’t ever want someone to think they would have to google us to make sure we’re “still together” cuz we always will be… No matter what.


2 Responses to “Years Pass Too Quickly”

  1. Rachel April 21, 2011 at 11:16 pm #

    Your story with Grant is inspiring and gives me hope that true love still exists in this world. And I’m positive the only googling people will be doing of you guys will be for ‘where are they now’ & ‘how many kids do they have’ :]

    • Mrs. Arnow September 29, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

      Thanks Rachel! Just remember, I was 29 when Grant and I first met. There were a LOT of frogs before I found my prince!

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