Chicken Parm for Anyone

21 Apr

Today, I got an email from my darling Christiana about a “dish” we used to make when we were in New York. She reminded me of how easy it was to make really good, healthy meals, in about 20 minutes. I decided to share our recipes with you, in hopes that when you’re in a bind, you’ll be able to make something simple and delicious for you and your family.

Now, the idea of this method is all about cooking in foil. Don’t laugh. What you’re going to do is make a little “pocket” for your meat to cook in, that will force your food into maximum flavor, with minimal effort.

Chicken Parm

1. Chicken Breast (preferably organic/free range)

2. Fresh Garlic

3. Tomato Sauce

4. Fresh Basil

5. Bread crumbs

6. Tin Foil (1 piece per breast)

Start by preheating the oven to 350*.

Take a piece of tin foil large enough to wrap around a chicken breast with room to spare. Slice fresh garlic and place on the foil. Layer in the fresh basil, then the chicken breast, topped with some tomato sauce and finally, the bread-crumbs.

Wrap the foil up and over on the top, folding the four edges of the foil into a “gift wrap”.

Place the “pocket” into an oven-safe dish (so if it leaks, your oven doesn’t catch fire), then pop it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Voila! You have a nearly FAT FREE Chicken Parmesan in 22.5 minutes.

You can also do the same thing with a Halibut steak, sliced onions, sliced garlic and cilantro! Deeeeelish.


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