Gyro ‘n’ Kabob – Tustin, CA

27 Jul

Our first trip to Gyro N Kabob was an adventure all it’s own. Starving and in Tustin at 11:00pm on a Saturday night, Grant and I headed to the grocery store to buy some wine. Leaving the store (still starving), we saw a sign that said “OPEN”. Nothing is open at 11:00pm in Tustin (except for overly processed chain restaurants). We went over to the little “hole in the wall” called Gyro N Kabob and started drooling, it smelled so good. When we walked in however, we were 100% out of place. The restaurant had been rented for a private party, all of whom stared us down as my tall, long-haired Grant and skinny-jean wearing me walked in, completely unaware that we weren’t welcome. The security guy stopped us and told us that they were closed for the private party. We kindly left, feeling the stares on our backs as we walked out. Seconds after starting to drive away, the same security guy came running after us. I reluctantly rolled my window down to hear him say, “The owner (pant, pant). She wants to see you (pant, pant).”


We decided to welcome the adventure, re-parked the car and walked back into the room full of awkwardly staring guest. We respectfully (and slightly nervously) walked towards the owner in the back of the restaurant. She looked at us and said, “Here. You take this and eat.” She handed us 2 togo boxes and ushered us to the buffet line, where the food was out for her private event. We filled our boxes, slightly confused by how much it would all cost us. We offered to pay her and she said, “No. You have your food. Come back sometime and you eat for free.”

Oh happy day. We thanked her, ran back to the car (all the while enduring more painful stares), hopped in the car and drove home. We sat in our living room in shock. Not only was the gesture incredibly kind, the food was remarkable. Koobideh, Filet Mignon, Chicken Tikka, Rice Pilaf, Salad, a green sauce (that I crave now), some veggies and kindness.



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