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Living in Los Angeles(WATCH!)

14 Feb

Living In Los Angeles – Chapter One

Beta Wolf is from Los Angeles. We had an idea to sneak performances at some of our favorite spots around town, and share stories about what it feels like to live here. Here’s the first one; with the song we wrote for this city, on top of Rocko’s downtown Loft.


New Beta Wolf Video!

29 Sep

Since Grant’s band returned from Japan, it seems that things have been flying by. They’ve been reaching for the stars and finding them in the palm of their hands. Here’s a little peak at what Beta Wolf has been up to! This is their newest single, Believe in Love.

Happy Dog Videos

4 Apr

I was away from my dogs for 1 month at a time, for a total of 2 months, and they brought me to tears both times we reunited. THESE dogs were away from their owners for quite a bit longer than that, while their humans were in Afghanistan.

It’s so easy to think about our own emotions and feeling of being away, but it’s rare that we allow ourselves to think that our absence affects our pups the way that it truly does. These videos are perfect examples of how the bond between human and K9 is missed by both parties during separation. And of course, they’re a happy-heart-break.

Oldie, but goodie:


New. Turn your volume up for this one:

Leaving California

16 Nov

Leaving California was one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make.

I’ve lived there my whole life. I LOVE being a California Girl (not a Katy Perry inspired, California GURRL, but a true-blue, Los Angeles native, Beach Boys-style California Girl). I love the beach, I love the sun, I love the restaurants, I love the theaters, I love the warm weather, I love my friends, I love my family, I love my fiance, I love my puppies, I love the nightlife, I love to boogie… I LOVE MY WHOLE HOUSE! jk.

But seriously, I love California.

When we decided the best thing for me to do for my career was to take the job with Saatchi & Saatchi X, it was really scary and stressful. Everything about the job was right, but Grant and I (after 4 1/2 years) had just gotten engaged and wanted to plan a wedding, and now it meant having to plan my wedding from really far away. It meant leaving the man I love at home with my dogs, while I ventured east in search of job stability, opportunity and a chance to build a real future for ourselves and our future family.

Grant stayed behind for 2 reasons; 1. Beta Wolf, 2. Apple. Can you believe that there are NO Apple stores in the ENTIRE STATE of Arkansas? You have to drive to Tulsa, OK (2 hours) or Kansas City, MO (3.5 hours) to find one. And, of course, Arkansas doesn’t have a very good music scene, so there was no point in him coming out here for now. The great thing for Grant is that my being here totally frees him up to explore every possibility with Beta Wolf. He has the chance to do anything and everything it takes to make this band his future, and we couldn’t be more excited about the direction the last month alone has already started to take for him.

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