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Lana Del Rey “Hunger Games” Comedic Parody (WATCH!)

10 Feb

Everyone already knows how obsessed I am with the Hunger Games trilogy and some people even know my thoughts on Lana Del Rey, but this video is a perfect marriage of the two. You take the great books of the Hunger Games, put it to the terrible song “Video Games” by LDR and suddenly, you have a song I LOVE!

This is MY Kind of Super Bowl Party (WATCH!)

10 Feb

My darling friend Holly Hamilton sent me this link today, knowing I needed something to smile about (and also knowing that I don’t care about football, but I DO care about funny videos by fabulous duos).

New Beta Wolf Video!

29 Sep

Since Grant’s band returned from Japan, it seems that things have been flying by. They’ve been reaching for the stars and finding them in the palm of their hands. Here’s a little peak at what Beta Wolf has been up to! This is their newest single, Believe in Love.

Marcel the Shell (WATCH!)

27 Sep

I have a weird sense of humor, but this video captures exactly what I think is lovely (and funny) in the world.

Even when I’m not watching it, I’m thinking about it…

“Sometimes they say my heads too big for my body, and I say, ‘compared to WHAT?'”
– Marcel the Shell

Happy Dog Videos

4 Apr

I was away from my dogs for 1 month at a time, for a total of 2 months, and they brought me to tears both times we reunited. THESE dogs were away from their owners for quite a bit longer than that, while their humans were in Afghanistan.

It’s so easy to think about our own emotions and feeling of being away, but it’s rare that we allow ourselves to think that our absence affects our pups the way that it truly does. These videos are perfect examples of how the bond between human and K9 is missed by both parties during separation. And of course, they’re a happy-heart-break.

Oldie, but goodie:


New. Turn your volume up for this one:

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