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Introducing: Nerium!

25 May

A while back, my friend Veronica approached me about this product she was working with called Nerium. She was seeing dramatic changes in people’s skin tone, texture and clarity and she wanted me to check it out too. I did and I loved it! A year later, she’s got me hooked.

As an addition to my makeup work, I’ve recently decided to start selling Nerium myself. It’s a natural, plant-based product, free of parabens, gluten and other allergens like soy, and it’s literally changing people’s lives. That may sound dramatic, but it’s really not. People look in the mirror and feel what they see. People with acne scars are being freed of their insecurities. People with crows feet have seen them disappear and feel “like their old selves again”. Women with sagging neck skin or cleavage skin are watching those lines disappear and are daring to wear tank tops or plunging necklines again. People with tired skin are looking brighter, more vibrant. It’s literally lifting people’s spirits by giving them a fresh new glow and a more youthful appearance.

Originally, the nerium oleander plant was being used in research for skin cancer. While it wasn’t healing the cancer, it WAS making people’s skin look healthier, so the testing was shifted from medical to cosmetic.

During clinical trials, most anti-aging skin creams have a lift in wrinkle depth of approximately 5%. NeriumAD, however results in 30-60% lift in wrinkle depth! The results were so “off the charts” for skin care products, that they actually redid the testing several times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

The best part of it, is that there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If you decide to try it, all you have to do is purchase it, use it and if you don’t like it for any reason, send it back for a full refund.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been letting people use my bottles of product to try it out, so I could develop my own gallery of before & after pictures from faces I am used to looking at, and so that I can control the photos myself. I’ve done NOTHING to any of this photos. No enhancements, no photoshop, no anything!!! These are my friends pictures, taken on my iPhone.

Here are some of their real results.

My mom (!!!!!!):

My friend Meredith:

Meredith’s mom, Janey:

My sister-in-law, Hillary:

As you can see, this stuff is kicking booty and taking names. It’s amazing. If you have any questions or are interested in testing it out yourself, let me know.

If you want to purchase this product, click the button below.



“Domino” by BetaWolf (WATCH)

12 Oct

This summer, Beta Wolf went on the road with Daughtry. They spent about 5 weeks making music, friends and memories. While I was home struggling through our 1st trimester “woes” this is what my Grant was doing… and I couldn’t be more proud of him!

Living in Los Angeles(WATCH!)

14 Feb

Living In Los Angeles – Chapter One

Beta Wolf is from Los Angeles. We had an idea to sneak performances at some of our favorite spots around town, and share stories about what it feels like to live here. Here’s the first one; with the song we wrote for this city, on top of Rocko’s downtown Loft.

New Beta Wolf Video!

29 Sep

Since Grant’s band returned from Japan, it seems that things have been flying by. They’ve been reaching for the stars and finding them in the palm of their hands. Here’s a little peak at what Beta Wolf has been up to! This is their newest single, Believe in Love.

Californian Geography… A Lesson in Limits (or MY limited lessons in geography)

14 Dec

Being from California has it’s advantages; you grow up differently and with interesting circumstances all around you, but something all Californians share is of a geographical dilemma. Seriously, it’s like all that exists are major metropolitan cities and everything else is a “town” with one main street, one movie theater and one gas station… maybe a little tourist shop too. That’s it. Everyone who lives there must be a farmer or make meth, but anyone who’s “normal” lives in a big city. There you go. I’m a geo-gra-cist.

For example: When I got the call from the HR office of Saatchi & Saatchi X, I thought the job would be in NY. Why? Because that’s where the call was from. When the recruiter asked if I was open to relocation, I said “yes!”, thinking I would be relocated to the Big Apple. When she told me (2 interviews in) that it was in North West Arkansas, I did what any Californian would do; I Google mapped it, with a funny expression on my confused face.

On my trip to AR, I learned a whole lot about our country. I’ve done ONE road trip in my life and at 12, all driving across 13 states in 1 month meant, was missing out on the beach, my tan and the summer I’d worked so hard for. Basically, I missed a lot of information about everywhere other than California.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

There are a lot of cows.

There is a lot of BBQ.

There are a lot of people.

There’s a lot of history (something I enjoy).

Our trip from CA to AR was cool, but once you get into the South, it gets really interesting.

Did you know that people still wave confederate flags? In LA, anyone who flew that flag would be jumped. In AR, there’s a lot of them.

Driving north to Kansas City was a really interesting trip.

It was almost like you could feel the history of the Civil War and all of the racism that existed in the US, up until recent years. There are Battlefield Parks, there are houses that you’d only see in movies… there’s time. Struggle, victory, history.

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