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Grant’s Converse Video

3 Oct

Here it is! This fast-paced video about the history of the converse sneaker, has a face I know and love for about .5 seconds. This video was not only a great opportunity for Grant and Beta Wolf, it was a great exercise in patience for our relationship. 🙂

The band is about 45 seconds in, so watch and RE-watch, so you can see Grant’s majestic mane and signature back-layout.

New Beta Wolf Video!

29 Sep

Since Grant’s band returned from Japan, it seems that things have been flying by. They’ve been reaching for the stars and finding them in the palm of their hands. Here’s a little peak at what Beta Wolf has been up to! This is their newest single, Believe in Love.

QR Code Video – “QReo”

27 Sep

Apparently, QR codes work, even when made out of Oreo Cookies?

This is pretty cool and def a good viral ad for the smarts behind the cookies.

QReo from redpepper on Vimeo.

Great Rich Media Ad

27 Sep

Every once in a while, I find a really great ad that I actually pay attention to. Granted, I work in advertising, so I have to look at ads all the time, but when I’m exploring the web, I typically find that “close” or “x” button faster than lightning and can pretty much guarantee that I’ll boycot products based exclusively on how badly the ads annoy me. Yes, I’m being honest, but here’s an ad you all should pay attention to… and no, it’s not one of mine. 🙂

Thanks to Ryan Hughes for sending this one over.


Marcel the Shell (WATCH!)

27 Sep

I have a weird sense of humor, but this video captures exactly what I think is lovely (and funny) in the world.

Even when I’m not watching it, I’m thinking about it…

“Sometimes they say my heads too big for my body, and I say, ‘compared to WHAT?'”
– Marcel the Shell

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