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Pino… Won’t Let Me Work!!

19 Oct

Here’s my mouthy little guy, trying to keep me from accomplishing anything tonight. SO, if you don’t have a seat at a table at the wedding, it’s his fault. Jk. Enjoy. It’s funny.

Pug Lovers Unite

10 Oct

This is an oldie, but a goodie…

Funny Pug Videos… Silly Puppies.

12 May

First video: Jenny the Pug’s owners may have a tad too much time on their hands, but if Stella had just some of this talent (and I had hours of time to film her), I’d post them too.

Second video: This one is funny, cuz we’ve tried to teach Cioppino how to play dead and all he does is barks at us. We’re failed dog parents. Our furry kids got no skillz… but this one does.


Pups at the Pug Rescue Easter Egg Hunt!!!

3 Apr

Cioppino (AKA “Pino” or “The Peen”)

Stella (AKA “Stinker Bell” or “Beeper”)

Apparently, they’re both drunk on puppy treats.

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