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Pilates Discount

17 Jun

I got this from Lifebooker… Attention ALL my LA ladies (and men)! Since I can’t use this offer in Arkansas, you should take advantage of this amazing deal.




Click here for amazing Pilates rates.


Happy Friday!

13 May

Tonight is our big event for The CARE Initiative, at the Arvest Ballpark in Arkansas. After setting up in the rain all day, it feels nice to be home and warm – but I guess it’s time to go back into the rain and help the kiddos make some money. If you’re in NW Arkansas and you aren’t planning to be at the NWA Mini Grand Prix tomorrow and aren’t going to the Prix Party tonight (complete with silent and live auctions and raffle prizes), you’re not only missing out, you’re a bad person. Just kidding. But seriously, do it for the kids! Tomorrow is free for the family, and the Prix Party tonight is only $25/person (includes dinner!). I’ll be painting faces (check the link… it’s funny) all day tomorrow, so let’s hope it doesn’t rain any more.

Here’s a really funny video to start your weekend. This cracks me up.

5 Months & 29 Days!

12 May

I should have posted yesterday, when I could have said, “It’s 6 months away!”, but I didn’t, so oh well. I can’t believe how much time has flown by and how close we are to the big day already… and to our fabulous vacation the the US Virgin Islands (thank you, Arnow family!).

Everything is moving along pretty nicely now. I think we’re pretty close to having our vendors locked down and I can’t wait to officially promote the final people who are going to help us make our day spectacular. We’ve met some tremendously talented people along the way and feel so blessed by all of our friends who are helping us out, I can’t even describe it other than by saying how deeply grateful I am to all of you.

For example, check out this video from Max and Molly. They’re a great (and newly wed) couple that I was introduced to by Max’s sister Vanessa (whom I met on the plane ride home to surprise Grant for his bday). They are brilliant at catching moments on moving film and matching it to the perfect soundtrack.

Anjuli and Sam from max and molly on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday to My Grant.

1 May

A few weeks ago, I flew to Los Angeles to surprise my man for his birthday. Wow. What an adventure.

First things first, I learned that “lying” to Grant – even in the name of keeping something a surprise – is incredibly hard for me.

The weather in The Ark was awful when I left. I drove through 2 hours of torrential rain (complete with earthquake-like thunder and lightning bright enough to think it’s fake) to get to my brother’s house in Muskogee, OK, so I could fly out of Tulsa at 6:00AM. The drive was so bad, I actually thought I may have to pull over and sleep in a stranger’s barn, ruining the entire surprise. That didn’t happen. I love flying out of Tulsa, because it gives me a great excuse to see my brother and his wife Lindsey, but the drive there can be pretty rough at times.

Before I went to bed that night, I talked to Grant. After having just watched a movie that we mutually love, he told me repeatedly how much he missed me. He thought I was at home in AR and didn’t realize that I had such a sneaky plan up my sleeve for the next morning. In his mind, we were still 6 weeks away our next scheduled visit.

Adam drove me to the airport at 4:00AM for a flight at 6:00… that’s Standard Time, so in Pacific Time, it was horribly early. For the first time ever, I sat next to someone I actually liked on the plane. She reminded me a lot of my friend Blythe, but she was almost my same age. She even had 3 kids (2 girls, 1 boy) just like B, and her husband had a Kirby-ish beard. It was almost too weird how familiar it felt to hang out with her and her fam bam. She and her husband were on their way to OC for her brother’s wedding and we chatted the entire trip home, while trying not to fall asleep.

I got in at 7:30AM (PST) and my sister Amanda picked me up from the airport. It was great to see her. I hadn’t seen her in 5 months!

We drove to Grant’s house, picking up a tray of cinnamon rolls and candles, on the way. His roommate let us in the house, where we lit the candles and I walked in to my sleeping boy’s room.

It was the best surprise I’ve ever pulled off.

After the immediate shock and confused words, he stared long and hard at me with an expression that said “I’m waiting to wake up”. Haha. How fun. When he realized that I was really there and that it wasn’t a dream, the happiness began and the exhaustion of keeping secrets became overwhelming. I was home. I was happy. I was tired, but totally high on my happy.

That weekend was full of “bests” and was action packed with memories. We got to spend time with Eric and Haley at The Grove, Chrissy, Doug, little Magnolia, Nina, Sean and Eiko at Disneyland (also saw Amber and little Tessa in the parking lot!), Grant’s parents and Hillary, my family at the beach, Blythe and Kirby and lots and lots of old friends at the Troubador, where The Head and the Heart were playing a sold-out show (thanks to Blythe for the impromptu tickets… and her brother being in the band). I also got all of my bridesmaids fitted into their dresses, spent some extra quality time with Christiana and Maggie, and even managed to hike good ole’ Fryman, twice!

From eating at Griddle Cafe, to Blue Jam, to Joan’s on Third, to Disneyland, to the Observatory, to Fogo de Chao, to Trader Joe’s, to Cherry on Top, to the Blue Plate Oysterette, to the beach with my family, to good bottles of wine, to spicy salami, Manchengo and olives, the entire weekend was amazing. The best part? I got to be with the love of my life for 4 1/2 days of sunshine and bliss.

A Little Self-Awareness Can’t Hurt

14 Apr

I’m having “one of those day” where I’m suddenly feeling slightly more aged than I did 10 years ago. Ok, that’s a lie. I’m feeling 300 years more aged than I did 10 years ago. 🙂

The point of self-realization?

I don’t think I can wear thick black eye-liner anymore. Mine is on my face, but not staying on my eyes where it belongs and that’s makes me sad. I guess the way around it is heavy  black eye-shadow under the liner, but sometimes you just want a pretty, classic black upper-lid line and today, I’m not getting it. Additionally, my liner isn’t going on as smoothly as it used to.

Anyone have tips/tricks or should I just get used to it and accept my zebra-striped eyes?

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