The Prettiest Face

I started doing makeup 10+ years ago, when I realized that I could do a lot more art (and get paid for it), if I put my art on people’s faces. What better way to create something beautiful, than on someone’s wedding day (or other special occasion)!

Click here to see ThePrettiestFace gallery of brides, actors, musicians, and print campaigns. I truly enjoy making people look their most beautiful for their most special events.

My other clients have included Joey McIntyre, TankFarm Clothing, Del Taco and many more.

From bridal, to prom, to your your next corporate dinner or event, or for head shots, music videos, short films or commercials, we will bring you exactly what you’ve been looking for… and here’s the good new. Because I’m in NW Arkansas, Shannon’s now in Nashville, TN, and we’ve added Haley to the mix (Southern California), you can now hire a trusted makeup artist in any of these 3 locations!

Check the website for more information, or email to contact me:


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