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Goodbye, 36

27 Jun

Goodbye, 36. You were a good year.

36 ends tonight.

Looking back on the last year, I’ve learned so much, grown so much, and been given so much. 36 brought me a great job, a beautiful home, my perfect baby boy, and more stability/joy in my marriage than I ever expected.

Reflecting back, I can’t put my finger on just one moment where something wasn’t fought for, but everything we fought for, we’ve been rewarded by. All of our trials brought us victories.

Now that we’re settled with jobs, a home (in the same state and without roommates), and have become parents, I feel for the first time in a long time, like my roots have had somewhere to land, deepen and grow.

I’m grateful for the last year. It was a good year.


LA Kings Fight Song.

6 Jun

He’s done it again… MAGIC!

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