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Leave Work at 5:30? (WATCH!)

11 Apr

I just happened upon this, while on Mashable. It’s pretty impressive that this woman is willing to stand publicly and say she’s leaving work, but then again, when did things get so competitive and so relentless that leaving work at the close of business was something we had to fight for or be ashamed of, anyway?

Work/life balance is an important part of being a professional. It’s an important part of being human. With the demands on people to impress, over-achieve and over-index on the success-o-meter, having a family (or even a life) outside of work, get more and more complicated.

Balance is healthy. Being able to achieve greatness professionally, while maintaining a successful personal life (especially when children are involved) may be hard to do, but in my opinion, it should never be looked down on.

That said, this is a pretty cool video from Facebook’s COO… too bad the embed code’s not functioning correctly… maybe someone left work on time to be with their kids though, so click the link and don’t be lazy.


Change 2012!

11 Apr

SO much has happened in the last 4 weeks, I don’t quite know how to keep up with myself. 🙂

Common to all who know me, I’ve been living in Arkansas for the purpose of working with Saatchi & Saatchi X, on the P&G/Walmart account. After a few life changing events in near recent past, Grant and I decided that it was time to come home and start the job search back in LA. Along the way, a lot of other things happened, convincing us that living separately from one another was no longer a part of our plan, and that it was time to live as husband and wife, in the same state/city/house.

After 16 months of separation and 10 job interviews (9 back in LA and 1 in Austin, TX), I was offered not one, but TWO new positions, with new companies. One was back in CA and the other in Austin, TX. After much consideration and thought, I put my notice in with S&SX, and started packing our apartment in Fayetteville, AR. Within just a few days (or so it seemed), we were saying our tearful goodbyes to the people we fell in love with out in the South, put HUGE smiles on, and headed west – pugs in tow – on our 5 day journey to get home… BACK TO CALIFORNIA!!!

The good state of Arkansas must have been angry with us, because just as we crossed the very last town in AR, before entering OK, Grant (though driving the same speed as everyone else) got a massive speeding ticket. Thanks, AR.

The drive itself is something worth writing about, as it was the first time we had ever traveled with our dogs, and from tornados, to snow storms, to wind storms, our 25 hour drive across the country was full of adventure.

Today I realized that it has been 3 weeks since we left. In that time, we’ve been challenged about as much as you can imagine. I started my new job with The Cimarron Group in Hollywood, working on some really cool accounts. We moved into a great home in West Hollywood with two of our friends, and we waited and waited and WAITED for our belongings to arrive with our moving company, which took another week longer than the original worst case scenario. Regardless, we’re unpacking, finding out how much of our stuff was damaged along the way and are getting settled into our new home.

I’m excited to see where our future takes us now. We have endured so much time and space, and somehow we made it. Now, that we’re together, I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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