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Cheer Up, Sunshine (Cats &Dolphins… TOGETHER?!)

22 Jun

My older sister, Nadia, knew I wasn’t feeling well and am having a tough week/month, so she sent her sissy a video to make her feel better. This video embodies everything that my childhood dreams were made of; Dolphins and Kitty Cats. As an adult, I sing a different song about felines and the establishments that tout enslaved animals, but this video takes me back to being 8 years old and obsessed with nature’s fine creatures. It also takes me back to being 13, when I fell into the Dolphin pool at Sea World. 🙂 Enjoy!


How Time Flies

19 Jun

It’s the sweet little moments in life, that make you think about your choices and everything surrounding those choices. Today, I found pictures of 4 of my oldest friends, all with the babies they each had over the last year, on Facebook. It was great to see them all together, celebrating their life’s choices. While it made me extremely happy to know that they were all together as mommies, it also made me a little sad that I’m not there to be with them as they have all gone from couples, to families. Here’s a fantastic picture of some of my dearest friends, and their new families. Ladies, I miss you all and love you and your little ones. I can’t wait to come home, see you all and squish your kiddos…



Hi-Five for a First Kiss!

19 Jun

This little video is so fun! It captures 2 little kids with their first kiss, and even though it’s innocent enough, their responses are quite endearing… and hilarious.

Pilates Discount

17 Jun

I got this from Lifebooker… Attention ALL my LA ladies (and men)! Since I can’t use this offer in Arkansas, you should take advantage of this amazing deal.




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Attention Cat Lovers… Happy Friday.

17 Jun
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